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Keto Fridge


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I just want to take a moment to not only praise Keto Fridge, but to also point out a few exceptional things I’ve noticed about their delicious meals . . .

– every single meal is restaurant quality

– all of the recipes are extremely inventive and full of wonderful flavor

– they have found creative ways to replicate sides without using bread substitutes which helps to keep the carb count low

– these meals are very filling and oh so satisfying

As mentioned below, Keto Fridge has offered 10% off your first order when you use code ohmyketo at checkout!


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I am beyond excited to share this with you guys!

I have partnered with an absolutely amazing company called Keto Fridge!


A little about Keto Fridge . . .

Keto Fridge is the Nation’s First and Only Fully Prepared Ketogenic Meal Delivery Service

Each meal is prepared by chefs from a crafted menu by a fellow keto-er

They only source from properly grass fed meats, wild caught fish, pasture raised chicken, eggs and pork while the veggies are locally grown on a farm that doesn’t use pesticides or growth modifiers

All meals have perfect macros which takes all the guesswork out of keto

They deliver right to your front door to all 48 contiguous states

New menu of amazing and creative meals each week

They have been super generous to offer all of you 10% off your first purchase with code ohmyketo


Now, on to the good stuff . . . The Food!

Meals are prepared when you order, vacuum sealed and sent out. They are fresh and absolutely delicious. I’m a great home cook (no ego here!) and I was blown away by all of the meals I’ve tried so far. Not only are they inventive and have perfect macros, but the flavors are just extraordinary! Like I said before, having the macros right on the bag takes all of the guesswork out of keto and the time you’ll save on meal prep is priceless.

Your order arrives in a large cushioned box with ice packs to keep everything cool. My meals were still cold when I opened the box.


They come in sealed bags that are clearly marked with the name of the meal, the ingredients, how to heat and the macros



Speaking of Chocolate Covered Strawberry Keto Pancakes . . .

I turned mine into a dark chocolate stuffed crepe and topped with fresh whipped cream and it was so delicious, I felt like I was cheating! The dark chocolate strawberry butter was so rich and the flavors really shined. The pancake was light and airy and you could really taste the strawberry in it!





I was probably the most excited about trying the Kung Pao Chicken with Cashew Scallion Cauli Fried Rice and it did not disappoint!


It smelled amazing and tasted even better! The spice level of the Kung Pao Chicken was perfect and the flavor was on point. All of the chicken was tender and perfectly cooked. The Cashew Scallion Fried Rice was light and fluffy (what sorcery is this?!) and they did not skimp on the cashews! I would eat this as a side dish every day of the week if I could.





Next up is the super tasty Grilled Steak with Garlic Pecorino Butter, Keto Kale Caesar Salad & Pork Rind Parmesan Croutons




This was DELICIOUS! The steak was cooked to a perfect medium rare and the pecorino butter was just perfect with it. The instructions said the kale caesar salad was best served cold but I’m just not a fan of raw kale so I pan fried mine with some bacon grease and added the caesar dressing and parmesan cheese to melt and it was extraordinary! The flavors on this meal were just incredible and the steak tasted freshly grilled.


The Bacon, Egg & Cheese Roll-Ups with Roasted Asparagus & Tangerine Shallot Compound Butter was equally as impressive. I wasn’t sure what to expect with the frozen egg but O.M.G. the taste and texture was just perfect!


I made these in both the microwave and the oven and they came out spectacular both times. The bacon was crisp and delicious. I used the asparagus for a different meal and it was great as well. I’m a huge fan of these flavored butters they’ve created, so delicious!



When I saw they had made Coconut Chicken Fingers with Parmesan Zucchini Fries, I thought no way this is going to be edible out of the microwave!

They surprised me again as they totally nailed it!


I also made these both in the oven and in the microwave and although it was a bit crunchier from the oven, the chicken was juicier straight from the microwave! The zucchini fries were fantastic! I ate the chicken with some chipotle mayo to dip and they were a hit with both me and my kids!


I honestly don’t know anyone who’s eyes wouldn’t light up when they saw this Juicy Lucy Cheese Filled Burger with Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Mushrooms! I know mine sure did and it was just as amazing as everything else. So simple and oh so tasty!


I made these in the oven since I was already using my oven for something else anyway and the burger was juicy and full of great flavor. I really loved the mushrooms as well. They were full of delicious chive cream cheese and wrapped in crispy bacon.



Don’t even act like I wasn’t doing back flips when I saw this Keto Jalapeno Popper Chicken Casserole! First of all, the bottom is a thick layer of large pieces of tender chicken thighs. Its basically buffalo chicken dip meets jalapeno poppers and IT IS EVERYTHING!! It was spicy, creamy and cheesy! I hope this makes it back onto their rotation very soon, it was terrific!



Saving one of the best for last…Chicken Cordon Bleu Meatballs with Dijon Mushroom Sauce over Buttered Cabbage “Noodles”. These were beyond PHENOMENAL!


I fried the cabbage “noodles” in bacon grease (I can’t be stopped) and topped them with the tender and flavorful meatballs. The dijon mushroom sauce tied it all together and it was just stunning. Absolute perfection!


I HIGHLY recommend Keto Fridge.

They impressed me above and beyond what I was expecting. As someone that can make virtually anything myself, I found these meals to be extremely inventive and so full of flavor. Not only do they make it simple for you to just heat and eat, they pack it with deliciousness that will leave you wanting more and more!

This is perfect for anyone and everyone.

Whether you’re short on time, new to keto, not very skilled in the kitchen, or just plain love great food . . .  Keto Fridge is for you.

Give them a try and receive 10% off your first order with code ohmyketo, you will not be disappointed!


* Meal Reviews – Week 2 *

I gotta tell you about the Keto French Onion Burger with Mozzarella Sticks & Truffle Aioli first! I’m not kidding you, these mozzarella sticks are TO DIE FOR!


The burger is juicy and full of french onion flavor! Topped with onions, mushrooms and a thick layer of mozzarella cheese, it is a killer burger! Ok, mozzarella stick time…the sorcery used on these is beyond my comprehension. First of all, they’re huge and the cheese is perfectly melty after 45 seconds in the microwave. I wanted to pop these in a skillet to crisp them up but I’m glad I didn’t bc 2nd, the flavor of the breading is perfect! They taste just like regular mozzarella sticks! From the microwave!! Wow, I’m so impressed and I want to eat these forever and always! The truffle ailoi was very tasty!



Next up is the Keto Salmon Cakes with Horseradish Cheddar Crisps and Roasted Shallot Cream Sauce. I personally cannot stand salmon unless it’s raw (I know, I’m so weird) so I did not partake in these beautiful salmon cakes. My husband did, however, and he loved them, especially with the cream sauce! I did get in on the cheddar crisps and they were so good with the perfect texture plus they were massive!



I’m always thrilled to see steak! I sure do love red meat!! This week it was Chimichurri Steak & Eggs with Bacon Roasted Asparagus and it couldn’t have been better!


I went off the beaten path with this one and pan fried the asparagus with the bacon until warmed thru then I chopped them into bite sized pieces. I added a touch of butter and a few splashes of heavy cream then I tossed in the steak that I cut into strips to warm thru. It was absolutely delicious and the chimichurri cream sauce was full of incredible flavor!



I’ll be honest, I’m not a huge fan of Italian food in general so when I see Bolognese Meatballs with Butter Roasted Spaghetti Squash Marinara, I wasn’t very excited. I should have known better tho, cuz Keto Fridge always brings the flavor!! The meatballs were tender and tasted fantastic and even the spaghetti squash had an incredible flavor. It was all around delicious, these guys know what they’re doing!



On to a cuisine that I will eat anytime and anywhere! I was so impressed with the Kung Pao Chicken from last week that I was positive this Crispy Sesame Beef with Shiitake Mushroom Cabbage “Lo Mein” would be just as amazing…and I was right!


The steak was spicy and tender and bursting with flavor…I know I keep going on and on about how flavorful these meals are but it’s for good reason, they are really mind blowing! I really enjoyed the shiitake and cabbage “lo mein” as well, it made me feel like I was cheating at a Chinese buffet!



Who wouldn’t love this? Pulled Pork Meatloaf with Garlic-Pepper Jack Cauliflower Tots and Sauteed Kale sounds like a winner to me, and it totally was!


Everything about this was wonderful. It’s a beef meatloaf with chunks of pulled pork inside and topped with a smooth tomato sauce reminiscent of spaghetti o’s (delish!) The cauliflower tots are so similar to potato pancakes that I couldn’t believe it. So incredible and full of what? . . . FLAVOR! Right! 😉



This one is a mixture of 2 different Keto Fridge meals so I was able to have dinner ready in less than 15 minutes! Tonight was Keto Chicken Bites with Butter Mashed Cauliflower & Garlic Green Beans known as a “Keto KFC Bowl” along with Coconut – Pork Rind Crusted Chicken Fingers with White Cheddar Cauliflower Tots.



I served with a chipotle mayo for dipping and a side caesar salad, perfect!


* Meal Reviews – Week 3 *

I was pretty stoked to see Lemongrass Ginger Chicken Thighs with Keto Vegetable Pad Thai this week. I have always loved Pad Thai and they did a great job recreating it. The chicken thighs were exceptional; moist, tender and FULL of flavor.


I’m not even gonna lie, I ate most of the chicken thigh cold, it was THAT good! The rest I thinly sliced to make bbq chicken egg pie pizza. The Pad Thai had all of the flavors you’d expect and I really enjoyed the crispness of the veggies!



I really love that they always include a pancake option! They are inventive, delicious and work perfect for breakfast or even dessert! This time it was Chocolate Nutella Keto Pancakes with Chicken Apple Sausage and it was incredible! These pancakes are not flimsy like cream cheese pancakes. I really enjoyed the chopped hazelnuts which gave it a wonderful texture and flavor. The sausages they include are absolutely delicious. I’m 99% sure they are making them by hand – perfection!



Next up is Grilled Pesto Salmon with Bacon Wrapped Asparagus Bundles & Zesty Keto Garlic Aioli and if you recall from earlier, I don’t eat cooked salmon. Hubs loved this tremendously and I talked him into giving me the bacon wrapped asparagus. They were phenomenal right out of the microwave and the aioli was excellent with them!




When I saw this Sausage and Pepper Keto Pizza, I was so excited! Not only does it have big chunks of italian sausage and bell peppers but they also threw on long hot peppers and wow, so good!


I cooked mine in the oven and then tossed it into a screaming hot pan just to brown the bottom and it worked perfectly. They use a chicken and cauliflower crust which was very good! I really loved the toppings and their spice level.



Italian is never my favorite but the Chicken Parmesan Meatballs with Pesto Vegetable Spaghetti Squash was absolute perfection! It was definitely my favorite of the week! The spaghetti squash had such an amazing flavor and was full of chunky veggies while the meatball was tender and delicious. Hands down winner!




* Meal Reviews – Week 4 *

Yessss! One of the things I love the most about Keto Fridge is that they always offer some type of inventive meatball or meatloaf . . . sometimes both! This week it was Swedish Meatballs with Buttered Garlic Dill Cabbage “Noodles” & Mushroom Gravy and they were fantastic! The meatballs were tender and delicious with a very authentic swedish meatball flavor. The gravy was thick and rich and the “noodles” had the perfect amount of dill and large sauteed mushroom caps!



Speaking of the wonderfulness of Keto Fridge, they always offer a yummy pancake option as well that comes with the most delicious handmade sausage! I was so excited to see that it was White Chocolate Raspberry Keto Pancakes with Chicken Apple Sausage this week! The raspberry flavor really shined in these and I drizzled mine with a cream cheese glaze – so good!




Imagine my excitement when I pulled out Korean BBQ Chicken Stuffed Peppers with Seared Bok Choy! They had me at Korean BBQ but stuffed inside red peppers too?!


I heated these in the microwave and added a little shredded cheese bc, duh, stuffed peppers! I sauteed the bok choy quickly in some butter. These meal was insane! The peppers had the perfect texture and the chicken had a delicious slightly sweet flavor thanks to sugar free apricot preserves. The bok choy was fresh and delicious. Did you see the serving size on these? They were huge and filled to the top with chicken – so filling!




The Poblano Citrus Shrimp with Cilantro-Lime Cauliflower Rice was everything! The shrimp were perfectly cooked and had almost a blackened flavor, very good. The cauliflower rice had very strong flavors of both cilantro and lime which reminded me a lot of Chipotle’s rice. This was a winning combination! My son LOVED the shrimp!




The Grilled Baja Steak with Avocado-Lime Butter & Chorizo Pepper Jack Stuffed Mushroom was so amazing! I love how they always send the steak cooked to a perfect medium rare and you can control how much it’s cooked by how long you microwave.


The avocado lime butter was tangy and delicious and really complimented the smoky flavors from the grill. They used a huge portobello cap to make the spicy and delicious stuffed mushroom. It was all incredible.



Here’s a great example of their inventive meatloaves! The Buffalo Blue Chicken Meatloaf with Parmesan Zucchini Fries was a huge hit with everyone! I served it with my homemade ranch and it was absolutely delicious. You could really taste the hot sauce and the blue cheese in the meatloaf and the parmesan fries were great!



I saved the absolute best for last. The Bacon, Egg & Cheese Breakfast Lasagna with Spinach Asparagus Saute was absolutely phenomenal!


The saute was great of course but the breakfast lasagna, oh my! It was a thick slice of goodness stuffed full of and topped with cream cheese, cheddar cheese and bacon. Every bite was oozing with all that is delicious! I hope this becomes a regular offering bc it is honestly one of the best things I’ve ever eaten – so amazing! It was also a huge serving that was extremely filling and satisfying.



* Meal Reviews – Week 5 *

Pizza is always a great start to the week and this Chicken Feta Spinach Green Keto Pizza did not disappoint! I love their chicken and cauliflower crust and it had a great zesty flavor with huge chunks of delicious chicken.



Wait, first pizza and now Bacon Cheeseburger Meatloaf with Keto Onion Rings?!
Talk about comfort food!


This meatloaf was so yummy! Nice and tender with lots of bacon flavor and oozing cheese. These onion rings were DYNAMITE!! I dunno how they got them to taste just like regular onion rings but they nailed it and they were perfect!



The Sausage, Egg and Cheese Loaded Breakfast Burger with Summer Vegetable Saute was really different than anything I’ve had before. The burger was two sausage meatball patties with scrambled eggs and cheese inside!


I actually heated my burger, pulled it apart and ate the cheesy scrambled eggs out of the center. Then I sliced and fried it until brown and crispy. I added cream and parmesan cheese to the summer veggies and it was incredible! Perfect meal.



I was very excited to see the Chicken Tikka Masala with Saffron Cauliflower Vegetable Rice this week!


The chicken was tender and perfectly cooked while the sauce was creamy with a delicious curry flavor. I really enjoyed the saffron cauliflower rice as well and I loved that it was packed with veggies.



Dude, beef ribs?! Yesssss!
These Korean Grilled Short Ribs with Mixed Vegetable Noodles were AMAZING!


The kiddo snatched the veggie noodles before I could get to this but at least he left the most amazing ribs behind! They were so juicy and had a nice smoky grill flavor that perfectly complimented the tangy marinade. I sliced mine and topped my deviled eggs with it – phenomenal! Keeping the bones for stock, too!



I love their inventive creations! Keto BBQ Pulled Pork Bacon Rolls with Brussels Sprout Coleslaw was literally pulled pork wrapped in bacon…incredible!


The pork was absolutely delicious and it was wrapped in plenty of bacon – they don’t mess around when it comes to bacon wrapping! Kiddos ate the coleslaw cuz I only like my coleslaw 😉


* Meal Reviews – Week 6 *

Hooray for Lemon Meringue Pie Keto Pancakes with Chicken Apple Sausage!!
I absolutely LOVE anything lemon so I was thrilled when I saw this!


These were hands down my favorite Keto Fridge pancakes so far. First of all, their pancakes are just great, period. The texture is always great. The lemon flavor they got into these was just fantastic. I topped mine with a buttery strawberry preserve syrup.


The Crispy Softshell Crab with Parmesan Zucchini & Old Bay Aioli was another exciting thing to see this week! This was my first time trying softshell crab and it was great! I tossed mine in a hot oiled skillet just to re-crisp the crust and it was perfect! The aioli was so incredible and the parmesan zucchini was wonderful as always.

Keto Biscuits & Sausage Gravy with Scrambled Eggs was just as delicious as it sounds. The sausage gravy was creamy and had a nice fresh herb flavor which worked great with the cauliflower biscuits. Paired with the scrambled eggs, it was a very filling meal.


Let’s talk about this Keto Chicken Parmesan with Roasted Garlic Spaghetti Squash & Grilled Broccoli for a second. It was a HUGE piece of super moist chicken topped with tomato sauce and extra cheese. It was perfect with the spaghetti squash and the broccoli had the most delicious flavor from the grill.


Always happy when my favorite protein makes an appearance! The West Coast Steak with Crab Guacamole & Chipotle Creamed Kale was extraordinary!


I really love how everything comes in it’s own pouch so nothing is mixed! I served this amazing steak with tuna cakes and a side of  soup that I made from the creamed kale by adding cream and chicken stock. This steak was sooooo tender and it had a nice smoky flavor that I really enjoyed.


I was so impressed with the Pecorino Chicken with Seared Lemony Cauliflower & Kale Caesar! The chicken, as usual, was tender and juicy. I really loved the lemon cauliflower and I like to saute the kale until wilted then add the dressing and parmesan cheese to melt – it’s fabulous!


Yay, more onion rings!!
I was beyond overjoyed when I saw this Mushroom & Swiss Juicy Lucy Stuffed Burger with Keto Onion Rings! The burger was filled with sauteed mushrooms and gooey swiss cheese, so delicious! The onion rings are so great, definitely one of my Keto Fridge fav’s!


New reviews next week!

Give Keto Fridge a try, I’d love to hear what you think!

10% off your first order with code ohmyketo

7 thoughts on “Keto Fridge

  1. Just wanted to put in my two cents for those interested. The customer service at this company leaves a lot to be desired. I had an upsetting interaction and when I told the owner, Theo, about it, he couldn’t even muster a hollow “I’m sorry your are unhappy” kind of apology, which is just the professional thing to do, even if he didn’t agree. Foods great though…

    1. I’m so sorry to hear that you weren’t pleased with the customer service. That hasn’t been my experience at all. I hope you’ll give them another chance cuz I agree, the food is great!

  2. So, I just got my order but feel like the instructions on how to prepare the food is lacking. Did you go anywhere for tips or more instructions? My pizza came in a black bowl – yours above did not.

    1. Yea that’s a new addition and you can cook the pizza in that dish both in the microwave and the oven. I put mine on a sheet tray personally and bake for 10-15 min at 400 degrees and then I finish under the broiler bc I like it browned and crispy. Hope this helps!

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